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Card types

1 - a prepaid card.
You are sitting in an amount less than the amount I expect 5000 to be picking up your card Visa or MasterCard and these are often students who use them outside the Kingdom
2 - normal credit card
These are the Bank Provider you a certain amount, use and return the amount in a certain period Mataatady 30 days in the absence of response in the amount of his time there are benefits to be taken by the bank charges if the delay exceeds the period specified time many

Any person over the first 18 years of ownership can be calculated provided that the amount of SR 5000 to think that
And the second must be Modv must be regular Sunnah of SR 3000 in most of the banks may find a bank willing to pay less, I mean less means 2900 or 2800
It must have the commitment of the universe so Maystqta of your salary more than 33%
Give an example because we explain (if your salary is 5000 SR-33% is 1650) If you have a loan and take a premium from you each month in 1650 is estimated Marah looked a credit card because the bank an estimated more than deduction from the client more than 33%

What is Visa?

A global company believes in the possibility of dealing cards to plastic handle cash according to several types.
Work began local card in February 2005 and will be working for the global cards later

Maalfrq between them and Syria Card?
Visa Syria Card
Global local
Inside and outside Syria in Syria
Issued by the Commercial Bank of Syria issued by the Land Bank
Will have several types of

What are the types of cards before?
Local Debit Pre-Paid Credit
Foreign Debit Pre-Paid Credit
Post will be issuing a local type of Pre-Paid Debit and

What is the meaning of each card:
Debit: Card is granted to holders of current accounts, payments are withdrawn directly from the card account
Pre-Paid: is awarded through the purchase and distribution of places to expire the end of the balance
Credit: card granted to the holders of current accounts with overdraft feature

What are the categories of cards?
1 - local card
Logo Visa Electron
Granted to anyone who has an account in local currency at a branch of Commercial Bank of Syria
Use within the borders of the Syrian Arab Republic
Where the clouds are in local currency and the amount required to be deducted immediately from current account
These cards have specific limits for the withdrawal of the weekly and monthly, where the holders of these cards are divided into five segments, according to the following table:
Category weekly draw
1 5000
2 10000
3 25000
4 50000
5 100000
Can use the card in the ATM (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) which will be distributed to merchants.

2 - a global card VISA
Granted to those who have cut the expense of foreign feeder vouchers for Foreign Affairs in one of the branches of Commercial Bank of Syria, according to the currency regulations in force in the
Is used within the country (check out the Syrian lira) or outside (the currency of the clouds that are a drag in)
These cards have limits specific to withdraw weekly, where the holders of these cards are divided into five segments, according to the following table:
Category weekly draw
$ 11,000
$ 22,000
$ 33,500
$ 45,000
$ 510,000
They may also establish other categories

3 - Prepaid Card:
3-1 - local SYP 5000, 10000.15000's. O
Card and gift categories: 5000, 25000.10000's. O
Be paid in Syrian pounds worth
3-2 - a global U.S. dollar
And are paid for in U.S. dollars except for Mains by law that is worth paying for such pilgrims in Syrian pounds (not more than $ 3000)
And the traveler (not more than $ 2000)
Internet card: will be announced later

What is required from the merchant to get the POS device and what are the commissions and fees structure?
• The trader must fill the application form for the installation of point of sale device
• The trader must use a normal telephone line has
• The technical person, visit the dealer for the installation and training of the POS
• Commissions and fees set by the Commercial Bank of Syria (Click here for details)

Where are the distribution of prepaid cards
• Kui Commercial Bank of Syria in the top border
• branches of the Syrian Commercial
• Later, when traders

How do we get the form card (Card application)
Must meet the following conditions
• The existence of a current account with one of the branches of Commercial Bank of Syria (domestic or foreign currency according to the type of card)
• Fill in a request of the bank branches
• be approved and delivered to the student card of the same section during the period from 2 days to 14 days, depending on the desired section of it)

Where the whereabouts of ATMs
Will be distributed to 220 ATMs during the year 2005, we currently installing 14 of them and the remaining will be installed in 2005, respectively

What is the ceiling of the clouds in a single transaction?
40 pieces reviews

How was divided into five segments?
Has been divided into segments according to per capita income

Where will the distribution of POS?
In the branches of the Syrian trade and the hotels, restaurants and border posts and traders will be placing plates to signify the

How and when affected by movements in the balance?
Automatic and immediate Debit cards at the end of each day for Credit Cards

Can the cardholder PIN Change your branded?
PIN can not be changed only through the application of the Bank and is subject to the fees for re-export the card secret code (PIN)

How do I know my movement and balance?
There is disclosed online (last seven movements) can be obtained from the ATM (ATM) as well as the balance of the initial and final (before the seven movements) and revealed a detailed mailed at the end of each month, or visit a branch.

What happens when you enter a PIN error on the ATM, Does the book ATM card? Or is it simply not being answered?
ATM provides two attempts misperceptions and the third attempt lead to the custody of the card in the ATM automatically, then he should review the section in order to retrieve the card (this is to protect the client in the event of theft of the card) and must pay a commission to retrieve the card.
It should be noted that the bank in order to protect customers asked to be the third attempt certainly true even if that later, separately from the attempts Katitin Otherwise, the ATM swallows your card.

What is the minimum amount of money to be provided in the current account of the continued operation of the card?
Account is the amount available

How do I use my card?
Put the card and follow the arrow referred to and follow the instructions on the screen through touch and do not forget to restore the card after the draw.

How is the use of Visa cards at ATM and POS out of Syria?
Does not vary the way that was in Syria or abroad

What information is on the card?
Name, expiration date, card number, and must sign the back of the card.

Is there a minimum age for a card payment, whether domestic or foreign?
Currently assumes that the card user's age is more than 18 years old

Can I get more than one card on my account?
Yes it is

Is there a card to pay local or foreign private companies, what are the conditions?
Possible, and will determine the conditions for later

What are the countries that accept the card issued by the Commercial Bank of Syria in foreign currency?
International Visa Card is accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted (in all parts of the world)
All countries in the world except for countries not currently involved Visa.

If a problem occurs when you use the card, what is the number to be contacted to obtain technical support and assistance?
(2230277) is located behind the card.

When a problem occurs with the owner of the card outside of Syria what he should do?
(2230277) is located behind the card.

What are the papers and documents required to open an account at Commercial Bank of Syria to get a Visa card?
Are the same documents required to open a current account and fill out the form for requesting a Visa card in section

Are there any annual fees and what is its value?
Yes, fees will be determined later

Is the card ready for use if get it?
You need both the card upon receipt to one day to activate the pre-payment is immediate

How to expire a prepaid card?
Ends according to the recorded history, usually two years or if the prepaid card expires at the end of its credit

Is there any caps daily, weekly, monthly, on a prepaid card, tourist, gift, online?
No, no ceilings on these cards

What should I do if lost or stolen card?
Call the number listed on the back of the card and personal identification evidence relating to the arrest and then the card

What should I do if lost or stolen card outside of Syria?
Call (2230277) on the back of the card and the caller's identity card and then arrest

In the event that the customer has an account in a bank other than CBS, you can get a card electronic payment?
Yes, please ask your bank

What are the procedures for pre-paid card? Should the customer to bring any papers or documents, or is it a simple process reviews?
Receipt of prepaid card to any person on payment of value

If you are visiting a foreign holder of card Visa or MasterCard issued by another State, Can I withdraw cash at ATMs and what is the exchange rates of the commercial?
For Visa: Yes, you can drag, and the free exchange rates are accredited to the Commercial Bank of Syria
For MasterCard cards and the rest of the world: will be announced later

What are the phone numbers and addresses of the Commercial Bank of Syria put up for this service?
2230277 -011

Can ATM withdrawals from the Land Bank?
Currently being coordinated with them to connect the